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Driveway Repairs 2023


Unfortunately, after a heavy rainstorm  in late 2022, a section of the old granite retaining wall which supports the raised driveway that leads from the Guest car park to the rear of the building, collapsed.   This retaining wall will need to be rebuilt.   Guests often drive up the driveway to unload cases outside the apartments  before returning  their car to the car park at the roadside (red car in picture above).  Until the wall and driveway have been repaired, this will not be possible.


It is now anticipated that the building project to carry out repairs will commence at the end of August (work has now started - Hurrah!) and could take perhaps 3-4  months to complete.

Until the building work is complete it will not be possible to use the driveway, and access to the apartments  will be by way of the granite steps at the side of the building (see the picture below) and the alternate car park (50m opposite The Granary) will be used.  You should think carefully about making a reservation for 2023 if you feel that these steps or the building works would present a problem for you - especially on arrival and departure.

Please contact us via the form at the "Contact Us" page if you have any questions - thanks!

27 steps 2023.jpg

27 Granite Steps

The 27 granite steps at the side of The Granary provide access from the roadside up to the apartments at the rear.   Whilst the driveway is out of use, this is the only way to the apartments.  Vehicles can be driven to the foot of the steps for loading/unloading of cases and then returned to the car park.

The Task

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