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Driveway Repairs 2023


After a heavy rainstorm  in late 2022, a section of the old granite retaining wall which supports the raised driveway that leads from the Guest car park to the rear of the building, collapsed.  Although the retaining wall  has now been rebuilt ( see picture below) , there is still some work to do on the driveway.  Until the work on the driveway has been completed (anticipated March 2024) there will be no vehicular access to the rear of the apartments.    Access is by foot along the driveway from the guest car park or by the steps at the side of the building.

Please contact us via the form at the "Contact Us" page if you have any questions - thanks!

The Task

IMG_2172 (002) - Copy.jpg


Although there is still a some work to do on the raised  driveway above, the retaining structure and wall itself have now been largely  completed and the wall  is looking beautiful - the original granite has been reused to face the wall and the original  pattern of granite courses has been respected.  

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